Building A Bright Future For TPI

Our Approach


TPI Hospitality takes a rather unconventional approach to new property development. Rather than following the up and downs of the real estate cycles, TPI Hospitality believes in building partnerships which help sustain consistent development. With the belief that solid projects should perform in all market conditions, TPI Hospitality insulates our growth strategy from cyclical changes.


Development Philosophy and Roots


With TPI Hospitality’s roots deeply embedded in Minnesota, our development philosophy has been to grow only in south Minnesota. This allows the TPI leadership team to stay abreast of market challenges and opportunities effortlessly. Our corporate team can service their locations efficiently and focus energies towards leading property performance. TPI Hospitality does have one location in Naples, FL and is developing in Ft. Myers Beach, FL.

Current Projects

Check out the Hampton Inn Minneapolis Bloomington West, being built from the ground up!