Message from Mitch Peterson, COO

It is with great pleasure (and a great honor) to announce that TPI Hospitality has been chosen as the Number One Best Place to Work (BPTW) in Minnesota amongst all “large employers”!  Over the last 7 years TPI has regularly been honored as a “top 10” BPTW employer amongst the largest companies in Minnesota.  We are talking about some very “rarified” airspace!!  As an example, this year’s other “Top Ten” Honorees were:  Ameriprise Financial Inc., Ecumen, Fredrikson & Byron, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, HealthPartners Inc., Loffler Cos. Inc., Marco, McGough Construction and U.S. Bancorp.

A few of the TPI Hospitality crew proudly holding the award TPI won for being the #1 Best Places to Work 2017!


To be clear, this honor doesn’t happen by chance.  It’s a reflection of the deeply held principles surrounding the way we choose to do business, our collective ability to bring our Core Values to life, and the deep sense of pride displayed by all associated with being part of TPI.  Most importantly, this recognition is a “direct” reflection of each of you as valued Co-Owners and members of the TPI Family!  The strength of any organization is always measured by the quality of its Associates!  Simply put, it’s official, you are the BEST!!!!

In some ways, this recognition is bittersweet in that the vast majority of our guests will never completely understand how committed you are to living and breathing our Core Values and consistently providing stellar guest experiences with your “whatever it takes” attitudes!  With that said, I can say with great confidence that they choose to do business with us because they can “feel” that you absolutely love the work you do…day in, and day out!

We have many great challenges and a landscape of change in front of us as the world around us continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate.  It will be our task moving forward to outpace those changes at every turn!  As I write this quick note I can tell you that I have a tremendous level of confidence that we have both the “will” and the “ways” to overcome any challenges we may be presented with!  I personally look forward to doing it “together”!  All that aside, this is an enormous accomplishment and you/we deserve the right to celebrate it!!

I am both humbled and proud to be associated with such a great group of people…from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for everything you do!!!


Mitch Peterson
Chief Operating Officer

TPI Hospitality currently has over 40 open and operating businesses, with additional hotel projects in various stages of development and construction in both Minneapolis and SW Florida.  On January 1, 2015 TPI became the largest 100% Employee Owned Hospitality Company in the country.

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