Tom Torgerson

Chairman of the Board

Top Core Value: Pace Setters Win

Tom has always said that TPI’s employees are its’ number one asset and his sale of TPI Hospitality to its’ employees on 1/1/2015 further cemented those words. Tom is optimistic about the future and hopes that as TPI’s employees’ transition to employee owners, they believe like he does that being an owner means being responsible for everything that goes on within TPI.

Tom is an incredibly hard working person who eats, sleeps and breathes TPI. Always considering how TPI can be more successful, how it needs to evolve, and how it can stay ahead of the competition.

Tom’s driving Core Value is Pace Setters Win, believing that if we move fast enough, when mistakes are made there will be time to correct them and move forward.

TPI Hospitality Board Of Directors

Tom Torgerson
Mitch Peterson
Bob Thurston
Don Haas