Pete Bromelkamp

Chief Human Resources Officer

Top Core Value: You before me

Starting in the hospitality industry 35 years ago as a dishwasher, Pete has experienced all of the fun and craziness (and it does get crazy!) this industry has to offer! One of his favorite quotes is “we succeed as we help those around us succeed.” Helping those around him understand the ‘why’ as opposed to just the ‘what’ is Pete’s goal. He says, “When people understand the ‘why’, they are armed with the freedom to make a difference for themselves and everyone around them.”

Pete and his wife take advantage of Minnesota summers by spending time outdoors; going for a walk, camping, or hiking. Pete recently became a grandpa and loves when the grandkids visit, although is happy that his three kids are out of the house!

Pete chose You before me because ‘this Core value drives the other eight core values, they all require a You Before Me attitude. Without You Before Me, the other Core Values are difficult to execute.”