Mitch Peterson

Board of Directors

Top Core Value: Tenure is Reinvented

As former CEO, Mitch provides leadership to TPI Hospitality, he’s enthusiastic, demanding, and supportive, sharing that he works for our employee owners, not the other way around. Mitch’s take on TPI is that “we step to the beat of our own drummer. We embrace mistakes because if we’re moving fast enough, we have plenty of time to fix them!” Becoming a new Employee Owner on 1/1/15, Mitch said “TPI Hospitality now an ESOP, will require a change in perspective by everyone. I envision an environment where every employee acts as an owner without regard for their specific role within the company. Just imagine the impact of having 2000 owners approaching their jobs the same way.”

Mitch is a music lover and will break out one of his five guitars if you give him a chance! Mitch and his family are also deeply invested in an organization called Can Do Canines. Can Do Canines is dedicated to “enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with specially trained dogs.” Mitch and his wife, Wendy are volunteers at Can Do Canines, where they foster and train future service dogs.

Mitch’s favorite core value is Tenure Is Reinvented, saying “It really is reflective of our full set of Core Values and serves as a personal reminder to each of us that we never truly “arrive”. It’s simply an ongoing process of self-improvement!”

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