Larry Eisenberg

Vice President of Restaurant Operations

Top Core Value: Honest and Straightforward

Larry wants to see everyone around him succeed, he believes in leadership by coaching and teaching people, helping them develop to be successful.  Even before TPI became 100% employee owned, Larry set the example for others to follow by doing his job like an owner everyday.  He compares employee ownership to having a rental car vs. driving your own car.  “Who washes a rental car?  Who cares if a rental car gets dirty? No one does!  That’s the opportunity that employee ownership has presented to us, we all take on a new level of empowerment, care, and satisfaction by being owners”.

Growing up in Rye, NY (it’s taken some time, but we’ve forgiven him for that), Larry moved to the Midwest in 2000 and has hated winters ever since, but says the people are great in Minnesota and make it all worth it!  He’s dad to two kids and spends as much time as possible with them!

In true Honest and Straightforward fashion, Larry said that “everyone around us deserves nothing less than honest and straightforward communication; people should always know where they stand.”