Joel Finley

Vice President of Capital Projects

Driven by a powerful Henry Ford quote, “whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”  Joel knows that our actions typically follow thoughts, both to success or failure. Aware of TPI as a company with Minnesota roots and a reputation for caring about the guest, employee and asset, Joel joined the team after additionally learning about Employee Ownership.  Joel attributed the good news about TPI to the ESOP, as he knew that employee owners work together, sharing common goals and celebrating successes and that with ownership, comes pride in your work and being able to count on fellow employee owners to always bring their best.

Growing up in southern Wisconsin, as a kid, Joel enjoyed spending time outdoors with his younger brother. He continues his adventurous ways today as an active hunter, fisher and hiker and shares these activities with his family.  Well educated on Twin Cities breakfast spots, he also has a regular ‘breakfast date’ with his girls or can be found enjoying time at home with his family and dog.

Joel’s favorite Core Value is Tenure is Reinvented, saying that this core value keeps us looking for ways to do better and be better than we were in the past.