Jim Sega

Chief Operations Officer

Top Core Value: Pacesetters Win

Joining the 100% Employee Owned TPI Team as Chief Operating Officer, Jim believes as Conrad Hilton said that “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”  Jim’s enthusiasm is an infection that you hope has no cure, he’s high energy and brings a passion for getting things done. Drawn to TPI by the idea of being both an owner and part of a team, he can’t wait to help write the next chapter of TPI’s story alongside his new co-owners.

Growing up on a family run dairy farm in Upstate New York as one of six children, Jim could easily be working that farm right now had his mom not given him a simple gift that changed his path. That gift was a book by Conrad Hilton called Be My Guest, which opened up an entire world of hospitality to the 12 year old.  Jim attended the University of Houston’s Conrad Hilton College of Hotel Management and also participated in Disney’s Magic Kingdom College Program where he learned the true art of hospitality from the magical masters!  From there, he’s lived in 18 cities, 10 states, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas working with such companies as MeriStar, Interstate, Crescent, HEI and Pillar in Full Service, Resort, and Select service properties.  A ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of guy, he loves the gym, anything outdoors, and everything on the water.

Jim’s favorite Core Value is Pacesetters Win because he knows as TPI continues to grow, change is imminent and necessary.  “Coming up with ideas and trying new things is the only way that TPI will stay ahead of our competition. Mistakes will be made, but if we’re moving fast enough, there will be time to fix them and continue forward.”