Dee Anne Osborne

Senior Vice President of Sales, Revenue & eCommerce

Top Core Value: Honest and Straight Forward

Dee Anne believes that teamwork is how ordinary people accomplish extraordinary results and being an owner is the ultimate in teamwork! It means that every decision and action executed by each member of our team is relevant to our ultimate success. Dee Anne most values TPI’s development and appreciation of an entrepreneurial spirit. She enjoys the creative liberty given to every employee to achieve results. In her leadership role, she fosters an inclusive approach to leadership where everyone sees themselves in a role where they are influencing others.

Dee Anne grew up in Houston as the daughter of a ROCK STAR MOM and airline pilot dad. She dreamed of a life filled with travel, adventure, and family. She’s lived in cities across 4 states and is married with two daughters. Now settled in Minnesota, Dee Anne loves summer and hot weather and looks forward to retiring near the water one day.

Dee Anne’s driving Core Value is Honest and Straight Forward. She says we often underestimate the value of direct conversation and the ultimate positive effect it can have on the future.