Chris Flagg

Chief Investment Officer

Top Core Value: Honest and Straight Forward


Joining TPI in 2016, Chris couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for a company that he had a stake in, saying “When you have a vested interest in a company like TPI, you are no longer just a cog in someone else’s wheel…you own the wheel.”  For Chris, leadership isn’t about telling an individual or team what to do or how to do it, leadership is about supporting the team’s efforts, removing obstacles that may impede progress, and driving a culture that remains rooted in a set of core values and focused on improving every day. Chris thinks our CEO Mitch Peterson says it best, ”Good leaders must first become good servants.”

Growing up in California, Chris and his wife met in 3rd grade, and they now like to tell their young son, “you never know, you might marry one of your classmates one day!”   As an Eagle Scout, Chris is always prepared to talk about the winning records of his California sports teams and the latest and greatest Netflix series.  A traveler at heart, Minnesota is the 5th state Chris has lived in long enough to get a driver’s license – the others are California, Washington, Connecticut, and New York…he may also be “on the lamb” but he won’t confirm or deny that.

Why is Honest and Straight Forward Chris’s favorite Core Value?  He explains “You can recover from a multitude of losses in life, but losing trust from others is not one of them. Honesty is a driving value in my life both personally and professionally…there’s a reason why The Scout Law starts with ‘Trustworthy’.”