Have you ever considered working in a hotel? There are several factors to consider before seeking employment at a hotel. First, there’s the hotel itself. Does the location, size, and type of property match your interests? Next, there’s the management and compensation structure. Know these guidelines before landing a hotel job:


Job Description

First of all, what type of work will you be doing? Hospitality jobs can be demanding: long hours, physical demands, and going the extra mile for clients. It’s great to clarify the duties of your role upfront. You might be angling for a front desk gig, but not realize that the position also requires cleaning responsibilities. Or, you may want to work in the hotel’s restaurant, but not realize that you’re going to be asked to work nights and weekends. Make sure you find out what the expectations are up front, so you have a clear perspective on the position.


Clarify Wages and Benefits

Many hospitality jobs can be seasonal or part-time work. These job classes may not be eligible for benefits. In these situations, you’ll need to make arrangements for healthcare and insurance separately. It’s also important to understand how you will be compensated for your work. Do you receive an hourly wage or a salary? How is overtime calculated? When will you be paid, and how will you receive the funds – direct deposit, checks, or an alternative method? If you are eligible for benefits, check with HR to ensure you understand how to activate your benefits.


Scheduling and Notice

Before your first shift, speak to your manager or supervisor about hours and scheduling. Some hotels provide more notice for when you will work than others. In this conversation, you should also learn how far in advance you are expected to notify management about vacations and other conflicts. It’s better to be prepared than to get into a difficult situation later because you did not know the rules. Most organizations have policies regarding unplanned absences. Read the employee handbook and make sure you understand the guidelines so you don’t experience any surprises down the road.



At your first job interview ask who you will report to. While some hotels have detailed management structures, others require almost every employee to report to one general manager. Get to know your manager well and understand his or her working style. A good relationship with your supervisor will improve your job satisfaction.

Understanding the hierarchy of the organization is also vital. If you have issues with your direct manager, you can their supervisor for help.


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