Minnesota Area

The Minnesota area offers many diverse attractions to keep you busy all year round. Mother Nature offers advantages for every season with fun outdoors activities. Culturally, there are many celebrations, galleries, festivals and museums to educate and amaze. And as everyone knows, there’s no shortage of delicious and authentic cuisine! Here are some of our favorite activities in Minnesota:



Wherever you are in Minnesota, gorgeous trails abound. Pack a water bottle and some granola bars, lace up your boots, and drive to the nearest state park or neighborhood hiking path. Duluth, Grand Marais, and Lutsen are all great options to take you off the beaten path. Trails range in difficulty from easy to adventure-laden, so there are options for everyone, regardless of ability. Enjoy the outdoors and take in some of the stunning views found across the state.



Ice fishing, trout fishing, night fishing - Minnesota has it all. No matter where you are in Minnesota, it’s pretty likely you’re only a stone’s throw away from a fishing hole. However, regulations do vary from lake to lake and county to county, so it’s important to know before you go what rules to follow and if permits are required. Fishing is one of Minnesota’s favorite pastimes and a huge part of our culture, so opportunities to try your hand at this relaxing past-time are everywhere.



In early spring and throughout the summer, you can find Minnesotans cheerily breaking out their bike shorts and helmets. There are many areas within the Twin Cities that offer bike lanes, and several companies provide shower facilities to encourage employees to bike to work. The Dakota Rail Trail, the Minnesota River Bluffs LRT Trail, and the Kenilworth Trail are all worth trying out.



Some people think the Mall of America is the only source of great shopping in the Twin Cities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to a massive IKEA and the Premium Outlets in Eagan, we also have tons of smaller shopping spots. The 50th & France neighborhood provides classy, elegant options. Uptown brings in the funk factor, combining vintage shops, kitchenware, mid-century design, and more. More recently, Northeast has emerged as a major player in the retail game with neighborhood gems like findfurnish and The Golden Pearl Vintage.



The Guthrie Theater is known for both emerging and acclaimed works by diverse artists. The Hennepin Theatre Trust provides year-round programming for arts and culture events all over the city. Broadway in Chicago brings the hits you love at the historic Pantages, Orpheum, and State Theatres. And in St. Paul, you can check out Minnesota Public Radio events at the Fitzgerald Theater, or explore Minnesota through the ages with productions by the award-winning History Theatre. There is no shortage of options with this thriving theater scene!


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