Planning a vacation in the Twin Cities and searching for family activities? Consider taking your squad to the Mill City Museum. With a plethora of interactive activities and attractions, this historical trip is more than educational – it’s also fun! Find out how to make the most of your visit to the Mill City Museum:


Take Advantage of Public Transit

From the suburbs, take an express bus into the city and walk to the Mill City Museum on the bank of the Mississippi. Located next to the Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins Park, this historic spot is only a few blocks away from the US Bank Stadium Light Rail stop. You can take either the Green or Blue Line to end up at this station or hop on a city bus to arrive nearby. On Saturdays from May through October, you’ll also be able to swing by the Mill City Farmers Market.


Decide Which Attraction to Visit First

Two of the most popular exhibits are the Flour Tower elevator tour and the Baking Lab. To fully take advantage of your visit, you should start out with one of the slower-paced features such as the Water Lab or design-your-own cereal box station. Then, you can do one of the more adventurous activities like the Flour Tower ride. After that, venture outside onto the Observation Deck for a few photos. Next, go downstairs to the Baking Lab and taste test some fresh samples. Be on the lookout for the Mill City players, museum employees dressed up as Minnesotan historical characters. Finally, don’t miss Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat – a film that explores big questions in a humorous, accessible format.


Tour as a Family

Explore this historic museum as a family for maximum fun. Kids will have lots of questions about the Twin Cities. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so it’s great to split into smaller groups so each kid can explore what’s most appealing. You can also opt to take the Riverfront Stories Family Walking Tour offered on weekends. This tour provides an interactive storytelling adventure for kids ages 6-11. Accompanied by their parents, children will learn about the history of downtown Minneapolis while also participating in a treasure hunt. In addition, there are tours and camps for kids with specialized topics to help them explore Minneapolis’ rich history.


Strike a Pose

Photography is encouraged during operating hours as long as it is for personal use. The Mill City Museum is located in one of the most photogenic spots in the Twin Cities. Don’t miss an opportunity to snap a selfie with the Mississippi or Stone Arch Bridge in the background or a group photo next to one of the giant mill ruins.


Learn more about the arts and culture in Minneapolis by visiting places like the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Weisman Art Museum.

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