Our Core Values

You Before Me

My favorite core value would be “You before me”. I think that value represents so much as we are a hospitality company and the opportunity to offer hospitality is the heart of what we do and why we are here as a company and as individuals. So many individuals and families allow us to be a part of their experience whether they are staying at our hotels or visiting one of our restaurants; they welcome us into their lives and that is something that I do not take lightly.

Becca Dale

Director of Leisure Sales, TPI Hospitality North Metro Hotels

Honest & Straightforward

My favorite Core Value is Honest & Straightforward. I think that being Honest & Straightforward creates trust, teamwork, and a respectful atmosphere!

Cara Castelli-Sathrum

Sales & Meeting Coordinator, Springhill Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, & Homewood Suites in Rochester, MN

Work With Us


Set the example for others to follow

Tenure is reinvented

Accountability first

You before me

Service and guest satisfaction

Honest and straight forward

Autonomy is earned

Respect one another

Pace setters win

Our Core Values help us STAY SHARP!

Autonomy is earned

I feel the most valuable core value is “Autonomy is Earned”. This is important because you have to earn and keep your respect. Through hard work and determination; this will not only show good work ethics, but also who you are as a person. This will then lead to all other core values falling into place.

Shianne Williams

Maintenance Engineer, Staybridge Suites Mpls-Maple Grove-Arbor Lakes

Set the Example for Others to Follow

I feel this is the most important Core Value because all other core values flow from this one or relate back to it. You need to take pride in yourself and your work ethic. Following the rules, being honest and respectful, putting guest satisfaction and others before yourself. If you are truly adhering and adopting these values then you will set a great example. The manager who fails to put others first will not be respected by their team members. The manager who sets the example for others and is consistently checking on their team members and guests will soon find other members of the team automatically doing so. They won’t be able tell you why, other than “well everyone else does it”. Be the person you expect everyone else on your team to be.

Maggie Setley

Food & Beverage Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Shoreview

Honest and Straightforward

It is truly very hard for me to pick just one that is important to me, as they all are so important to being a successful leader. It is always important to me to be honest and straightforward with my team, and set the example for others to follow. Pace setters win is a very important core value that leads to a very successful hotel and team.

Holly Rath

General Manager , AC Hotel Minneapolis West End

Service and Guest Satisfaction

My favorite Core Value is Service and Guest Satisfaction. We do our jobs to serve our guests, because they are the ones that provide our livelihood.

Gary Johnson

Maintenance Engineer , Hampton Inn Minneapolis NW Maple Grove

Honest & Straightforward

Honest and Straightforward is my favorite core value because being honest and straightforward is a way of life, not just a behavior. Knowing you can totally trust one another brings a type of freedom and comfort that makes relationships work!

Todd Kimlinger

Vice President of Revenue Management Strategies, TPI Hospitality