TPI-FMB had its LPA Public Hearing on February 13th.  It now proceeds to Town Council for Public Hearing and vote on April 9th, 9 a.m. at FMB Town Hall Chambers.  It is scheduled to be live streamed on the FMB Town Website and broadcasted locally on channel 98.  Our LPA Hearing had audio/video interruptions and the last Town Council Meeting lost all of its audio/video transmission.  Therefore, if you want to see and hear it live, in person would be recommend as the most reliable means of doing so.

Updates will be posted to this website as they occur, thank you for your interest!!

If you think our proposal has merit, we would encourage you to show your support to the Town Council directly, it does make a difference. By submitting the form below, your message will go directly to these Council Members:

Mayor Dennis Boback
Vice Mayor Tracey Gore
Council Member Joanne Shamp
Council Member Anita Cereceda
Council Member Bruce Butcher


  • 4-3-2017 (Video Below): Announcement to Council of TPI-FMB Application being submitted.
  • 2-6-2017 (Video Below): TPI Alternate Plan Excluding a County Land Swap.
  • 1-24-2017 (Video Below):  BOCC discusses FMB Mayors letter, followed by Public Comment from a representative of the Estero Island Taxpayers Association.
  • 1-9-2017 (Video Below): Town Manager agrees to follow up with County Staff on their response to the Mayors 12-22-2016 Letter to BOCC and County Staff
  • 12-19-2016 (Video below): TPI’s Request for Assistance from FMB Town Council
  • 12-19-2016 (Video below): FMB Town Council’s action for TPI’s request for assistance.  TPI is very appreciative of the Council’s Action!
  • 11-15-2016 (Video below): Commissioners view TPI’s request to join in their Application to the Town of FMB as premature, and feel the Town needs to express whether they see the public benefit value of the project.
  • 11-7-2016 (Video below): Proposed Project Overview at Town Council Workshop
Historical Information on key milestones in Lee County’s Ownership of Seafarer’s Property.

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