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Fort Myers Beach, FL Information

This page provides information on 100% Employee Owned TPI Hospitality’s proposed development in Ft. Myers Beach (FMB), FL. The information is based only on proposed plans; all renderings and site plans are purely conceptual and may frequently change. Timeline: The...

TPI Takes Over West End Hotel Project

Republished from Finance & Commerce By: Adam Voge May 5, 2015 3:50 pm TPI Hospitality will take over development of a roughly 150-room hotel planned for the West End area in St. Louis Park and Golden Valley. The area is popular with business travelers visiting...

Seafarer’s Historical Information

Historical Information on Key Milestones in Lee County's Ownership of Seafarer's Property June 2010: County buys foreclosed beach property (Seafarer's)-Click to read the article! April 2011: County discusses razing Seafarer's Plaza and TDC funding issues-Click to read...

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